Sumbul is all about Cambridge.

and she wanted her branding to reflect that first and foremost. Raised in Cambridge, MA by her Pakistani-immigrant family, local issues such as affordable housing, the health of small businesses, civil engagement, sustainability, and health and safety were at the forefront of her campaign.

Photo by drnadig/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by drnadig/iStock / Getty Images

To keep the campaign feeling locally-focused, we created a logo featuring Cambridge's iconic bridge, both a symbol of her dedication to her hometown, and of her deep connection to the community.


While Sumbul is an attorney by trade, one conversation with her has you feeling as though you're speaking with an old friend—her sense of humor, caring nature, and ease with people combine to make her a natural public servant.


With this in mind, we chose trustworthy blues for her color palette to reflect her political leanings and pragmatism, and sprinkled in  fresh green, yellow and sky blues to emphasize her freshness and approachability. 


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And we're off!

For x months, Cambridge residents hit the pavement, getting the word across about Sumbul and her commitment to working to make the city an even better place to live.

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Siddiqui was elected on the first count and received the most votes of any challenger

Sumbul Siddiqui just became the first Muslim woman elected to the Cambridge City Council. The legal aid attorney, who grew up in public housing in Cambridge, said the city's diversity hasn't always been represented in municipal government. 
–The Patriot Ledger
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From the candidate

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